Read an eBook Day 2023

#ReadaneBookDay #ebookLove

Are you a fan of eBooks? Or perhaps print books hold a special place in your heart? We understand, but eBooks are revolutionising the way students learn. Read an eBook Day is the perfect occasion to embrace the wonders of digital reading. Let’s explore how eBooks can help you to study smarter! Convenient There’s no

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Acing accessibility: Kortext maintains top ranking with 100% gold ASPIRE score

ASPIRE inclusive learning and accessibility banner

Kortext has achieved a 100% gold ASPIREscore for the quality of information provided in its accessibility statement, becoming the first major eBook and inclusive learning platform supplier to UK higher education to secure the award in 2023. Ongoing commitment to inclusive learning ASPIRE provides an external verification system and ranking for learning platforms and publishers

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Artificial intelligence, publishers and the translation of research

Kortext and HEPI blog image showing ChatGPT

A reflection on making research accessible outside of academia This blog on accessible research was kindly contributed to the Higher Education Policy Institute (HEPI) by Philip Carpenter, Pro-Chancellor at the University of York and an Advisory Board Director of Kortext, and originally published on the HEPI blog. Philip offers some reflections on the recent HEPI and

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Are your courses inclusive?

Recognising each student’s entitlement to a learning experience that is fair in respect of diversity, participation, and the removal of barriers in higher education contributes to an inclusive learning experience. So, are your courses inclusive? What does it mean to be inclusive in higher education? To be honest, the word inclusive can mean many things

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Access and Accessibility 

With just weeks to go until 610,000 university applicants find out whether they’ve secured their place at uni, we’re voyaging further into our exploration of how instant and equitable access to eTextbooks can benefit students and their institutions. Whilst we all know that equitable access is beneficial, to some it is still seen as a

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How can universities make the most of EdTech?

Educational Technology, EdTech for short, is an industry that is incredible in every sense of the word, working to blend technology and academia together to enhance learning and educate the next generation of difference makers.  Although EdTech isn’t entirely new, the progress and trajectory has been greatly expedited due to the pandemic; just for insight,

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