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The future of learning, powered by AI. 

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Innovative AI study tools from Kortext

Watch the video to discover the cutting-edge study tools that make up our Premium package or use the anchors below to read more.

Kortext Premium vs Kortext Essential 

With the release of Kortext Premium, we have officially rebranded the package that comes as standard with access to our Arcturus platform as ‘Kortext Essential’. 

Using this matrix, you can compare what you get as part of Kortext Essential versus Kortext Premium. 

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Premium Essential Matrix

AI-powered study tools 

The jewel in the crown of Kortext Premium is the AI-powered study tools, which have the power to transform how students learn online. They can streamline the process with AI-generated summaries and study notes, while our new Q&A feature reinforces learning to support success. 

All our AI tools use trusted sources rather than open ones, ensuring it provides reliable, correct information to your students, every time. 

Translate & Video collection 

Premium users also gain access to our Translate tool and our expansive video collection. The former is ideal for international students as it allows passages of text to be accurately translated into one of over 100 languages in an instant. 

Our Video collection, meanwhile, is now almost two million strong and turns the Arcturus platform into a multimedia study space. 

My files, Workbooks & Citations 

With access to Kortext Premium, students have access to My files, which contains 5GB of cloud storage. They can upload all their other course materials into one study space, making the online learning process much more time-efficient and streamlined. 

Meanwhile, Workbooks collates the study notes, highlights and content produced by our AI tools in one place. It also allows for easy, organised and effortless collaboration with peers. 

Why choose Kortext Premium?

Kortext Premium is designed to benefit academics, librarians and students alike. It is a self-contained, trusted way to introduce generative AI to your institution, with our AI tools only citing from known sources.

Students can develop invaluable tools utilising artificial intelligence, all while making their own studying much more time-efficient. These time-efficient benefits also extend to the academics, who can use the tools themselves to streamline their work in collaboration with their students.

Kortext Premium is the solution to challenges faced in higher education in recent years, while also offering future-proofed tools that embrace the shape of the pedagogical landscape forming ahead of us.

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