How can universities make the most of EdTech?

Educational Technology, EdTech for short, is an industry that is incredible in every sense of the word, working to blend technology and academia together to enhance learning and educate the next generation of difference makers.  Although EdTech isn’t entirely new, the progress and trajectory has been greatly expedited due to the pandemic; just for insight,

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Demand for university is high, as predicted!  

If we cast our minds back to October 2021, we wrote a piece on how to prepare for a paper shortage and the baby boom – and it turns out the time to prepare is now!  UCAS have released their End of Cycle data which reiterates the points we made in October regarding the increased

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A conversation with… Regina Everitt

A conversation with... Regina Everitt

We recently had the pleasure of speaking with Regina Everitt, Assistant Chief Operating Officer for Service Excellence and the Director of Library, Archives and Learning Services at University of East London (UEL) about the role of digital learning resources in the future of higher education, and how she feels the sector needs to change.

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Kortext announces partnership with Student Minds!

Student Minds News Image

We’re delighted to announce that Kortext has partnered with Student Minds, the student
mental health charity, to help further support our student users throughout their studies.  This partnership is particularly important as this year’s annual National Student Survey, run by the Office for Students.

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