Kortext announces partnership with AEEN

AEEN and Kortext

KORTEXT ANNOUNCES PARTNERSHIP WITH AEEN TO FURTHER EDUCATION TECHNOLOGY ACROSS BUSINESS SCHOOLS Kortext, a leading digital teaching and learning platform, is pleased to announce a new partnership with the Spanish Association of Business Schools (AEEN), an organization focused on promoting and improving the quality of education for professionals. The partnership between Kortext and AEEN will

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What are the alternatives to students having to pay for their course books?

In this blog, we’re asking why students are spending money on core textbooks and looking at the alternatives. With more than 7 in 10 students admitting they’re worried about having enough money to pay for their course textbooks, surely there is another way? Being a student can be tough, even without the black cloud of

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Kortext launches new study platform upgrade to enhance student experience

Product update banner

Kortext reveals new-look study platform and feature enhancements set to boost grades and keep university students engaged. Kortext Arcturus – the leading learning experience and engagement platform – has launched its semester one product upgrade, featuring a fresh user interface, improved navigation and enhanced reading and note-taking tools to enrich the student experience. Content discovery

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Level up student engagement with interactive study tools

Happy student banner

School’s back for autumn – time to turn off the Alice Cooper and get students pumped for the next academic year. But we know that student engagement is no easy feat. As students and universities alike learn to navigate and master digitally enhanced teaching and learning, maintaining student engagement can be a real challenge –

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Access and Accessibility 

With just weeks to go until 610,000 university applicants find out whether they’ve secured their place at uni, we’re voyaging further into our exploration of how instant and equitable access to eTextbooks can benefit students and their institutions. Whilst we all know that equitable access is beneficial, to some it is still seen as a

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Studying with Kortext

We know you’re enjoying your summer holidays; exams have been and gone and studying is the last thing on your mind, but it’s never too early to be prepared for your next year of uni. Preparing early could be the key to your success. Finding a study method that works well for you is invaluable

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