Smart reading list management

KeyLinks is a flexible and dynamic system that lets you create and manage your learning resources.

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What is KeyLinks?

Used by students, librarians and academics, KeyLinks gives you the platform to keep all your resources in one place to support learning.

Users can organise and manage content such as journal extracts, articles, case reference files and training materials into easily accessible reading lists.

To find out a little more view our video or take a look at our KeyLinks website.

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“It’s got to be functional… it’s got to do the things we tell it to do. I think that’s a really important thing, is having that knowledge behind it, and knowing that it’s librarians in conversation with librarians.”
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Keylinks Reading Recommendations

Deliver consistent reading and learning materials

KeyLinks guides students directly to specific content and external resources and webpages recommended by teaching staff.

You can create and manage lists offering purchasing suggestions tailored to student numbers and library stocks.

Integrate with existing systems

KeyLinks integrates seamlessly with your library systems and Virtual Learning Environment (VLE) such as Moodle, Canvas, or BlackBoard, giving the library control of key communication at the centre of teaching and learning.

Kortext users can be fully integrated into KeyLinks.

KeyLinks Integration
KeyLinks Analytics

Track and manage results with powerful analytics

KeyLinks gives graphical usage analytics data detailing user and student engagement, and how resources are being used by all stakeholders.

Full admin suite of tools allows you to manage list provision including DS scanning integration and acquisitions workflows.

Manage your learning resources

To take a look at KeyLinks and see how simple resource management lists could work for your university, request a demo with one of our specialists.