Closing the gap: addressing socioeconomic disparities in AI education access

Student use of AI emerging digital divide

A digital divide in students’ use of generative AI tools may be emerging, according to new research by HEPI and UCAS. In this blog we delve into the survey findings, highlighting the importance of equitable access to AI in education and suggesting practical approaches to bridge the gap. Students’ use of AI The use of

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What are the alternatives to students having to pay for their course books?

In this blog, we’re asking why students are spending money on core textbooks and looking at the alternatives. With more than 7 in 10 students admitting they’re worried about having enough money to pay for their course textbooks, surely there is another way? Being a student can be tough, even without the black cloud of

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10 student money saving tips

Stating the obvious, we know, but uni can be expensive and the cost of living crisis isn’t doing anyone any favours, which is why it helps to be savvy with your spending! In an ideal world, no one should have to choose between heating and eating, but with 1 in 4 students reportedly living off

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Access and Accessibility 

With just weeks to go until 610,000 university applicants find out whether they’ve secured their place at uni, we’re voyaging further into our exploration of how instant and equitable access to eTextbooks can benefit students and their institutions. Whilst we all know that equitable access is beneficial, to some it is still seen as a

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From ‘cost of living’ to ‘cost of learning’ crisis

Image shows student struggling with cost of living

The NUS has this week revealed the true extent of student hardship in its latest survey which highlights how learning is yet another casualty of the ongoing cost of living crisis. Students struggling financially, says NUS A survey of 3,500 university students, college students and apprentices across the UK paints a concerning picture, with 3

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Unpicking the student cost of living crisis 

Stressed student

The last few weeks have been tough.  If you’ve switched on the news, you’ll know that positivity is in short supply, and unfortunately it seems like it’s going to get a lot worse for those residing in England.  We are all facing rising energy, petrol and food costs, which rose by 6.2% in the year

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