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The Kortext platform is the perfect choice you can trust to improve your students learning experience.

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Achieve the right results with Kortext

Using Kortext will allow your university to deliver the results you need. With an enhanced teaching and learning experience, you can trust our platform to make a difference within your university.

With Kortext you’ll be able to:

kortext premium

Presenting… Kortext Premium!

Kortext Premium is a suite of next-generation study tools, available as an upgrade to our Arcturus platform. Introducing Premium at your institution will enhance the teaching and learning experience, introducing generative AI in a trusted, self-contained environment to promote engagement and student success.

The future of learning is here with Kortext Premium and our AI study tools.

Provide a borderless education

Our digital teaching and learning platform is being used by hundreds of universities in over 80 countries worldwide.

There are no limits in providing your students with the course material they need via our platform. Your students can study any time and any place they choose.

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Succeed with valuable insights

Our sophisticated analytics capability will provide your university with data on study patterns, behaviours, and engagement levels for your university’s course leaders to deliver an improved learning experience.

Smart insights monitor student engagement allowing early intervention, improved learning outcomes and will result in a stronger NSS score.

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Integrate with your own VLE

Our smart platform connects your university’s library, faculty and students, optimising the digital learning experience and ensuring your users have a positive experience all round.

Kortext easily locks into your university’s virtual learning environment (VLE) no matter what system you are using. We’ll support the integration process with a seamless set up.

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Easily adopt our platform

Setting up Kortext within your university is easy. Our smart platform is quick to adopt and easy to use which means that your institution can be set up within hours. 

We’ll work with you throughout the implementation process and provide an extensive onboarding experience and ongoing partnership approach.

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Kortext Complete

For universities wanting to provide online access to all adopted textbooks for a single fixed price.

Kortext Complete provides added support and detailed engagement analytics to help drive progression, retention and success.

Kortext Personalised

Create a personalised collection of content from over 4700 publishers based on your specific needs.

Purchase on a title by title basis putting you in control of the acquisition process, regardless of budget.

Access affordable models

We offer flexible models and mechanisms which enable you to drive affordability where available resources are used efficiently and ROI is maximised.

We offer two models that offer a bespoke approach for your university.

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Add value with Student Minds

Kortext have partnered with Student Minds, the UK’s student mental health charity.

Looking after your students is key. Offering a support network that provides your students with expert information and advice to help them with any challenges they may be facing will help them through their learning experience.

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Since partnering with Kortext, student satisfaction with resource provision at Middlesex has risen.

NSS results indicated that overall student satisfaction was up 20% in the period of time that the Kortext service had been running.

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If you’d like to see how the Kortext platform can give your university the tools to improve student digital resource satisfaction, contact us to arrange for a team member to contact you.