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Kortext's new user interface
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Instant access wherever you go

The Kortext app is accessible on any device at any time. Available to download as iOs, Android, Windows or Mac format, you’ll easily find the right option for your mobile phone, tablet or laptop.

Our app allows you to work offline. Without WiFi you can download your etxtbooks and work with all the same functionality as if you were online. There’s no need to worry about data allowance.

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The mobile user interface

Once you have loaded your books, your mobile view allows all the functionality you’d expect. You can:

  • Search your book to access specific content
  • Save important pages using bookmarks
  • Highlight and make notes
  • Copy and paste text to other applications
  • Highlight text and read aloud
  • View enhanced features with EPUB
  • Complete interactive tests

Work fast across multiple devices

The Kortext app provides a streamlined user experience for note creating, a reliable search functionality and an intuitive navigation, delivering an all round improved learning experience for students and stronger outcomes.

There’s no need to worry about working across multiple devices as the Kortext app syncs any changes made.

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Accessibility on mobile

The mobile app offers accessibility features such as Read Aloud, which can easily be enabled by highlighting your text. This text-to-speech feature offers an improved learning experience for anyone with disabilities or impairments.

Learn more about our accessibility features

The only app that works with Teams

Kortext is proud to be the only Microsoft approved eTextbook app to work with Microsoft Teams.

Add the Kortext app to your Teams to read your books, pin to the taskbar for ease of use.

Find out more about Kortext within Microsoft Teams.

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Need help downloading our app?

If you need help downloading the Kortext app, please visit our support portal.