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Introducing the innovative Publisher SmartHub

This cutting-edge, data-driven platform revolutionizes the way publishers interact with academics around the globe, enabling informed adoption conversations.

  1. Invaluable insights through reader analytics
  2. Enable targeted improvements and recommissioning of content
  3. Prioritisation of environmental sustainability by promoting use of e-copies
  4. Significant cost savings by reducing print-run and shipping expenses.

The Kortext Publisher Smarthub will help you improve distribution efficiency, strengthen your focus on sustainability, and enable data-driven decision-making.


Expand your audience reach

Join over 4700 other publishers to become a Kortext supplier where your content will reach a global audience. The Kortext platform is used by over 150 universities across the UK and in over 80 countries worldwide.

In partnering with us, you’ll join key players in the global digital textbook market such as Pearson, Wiley, McGraw Hill, Taylor Francis, Palgrave, Oxford University Press and many more.

We work with our partners to provide content that matches student demand, offering maximum functionality without compromising your intellectual property.

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Reasons to partner with us

Fast digital distribution

Distribute your digital content to a global audience with a quick set up process via access codes or API integration.

Access reading lists

Understand where your content is being used via reading lists and gather competitor information to uncover opportunities.

Efficient digital sampling

A simple way to send digital versions of your titles to academics for their assessment and selection saving you money on printing and postage.

Sell direct from your website

Sell digital content from your own online store with the Kortext API. List your digital titles for purchases to be made directly from your website.

Protect your content

Protect your IP and copyright with Digital Rights Management (DRM) applied. You'll also be able to set time restricted access.

Detailed analytics feedback

Understand where and how your content is being used to see your most valuable content and make intelligent decisions.

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“SAGE Publishing has worked closely with Kortext in the UK and internationally since 2014, sharing common goals to support institutions, educators and students to positively shape the future.”

Tony Histed, Vice President of International Sales at SAGE Publishing

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