Strategic partnerships

We form strategic partnerships to help you understand where and how your content is being used.

Your content, our technology

We provide technology and platform solutions to enable publishers to take their content in digital form directly to their customers.

Digital sampling

Working in higher education you will be very familiar with the academic adoption process. Kortext’s digital sampling service provides a simple way for you to send digital versions of your titles to academics for their assessment and selection for the purpose of adoption. It's a great way to save money on print book production, postage and process administration.


Selling your digital content from your own online store is simple with the Kortext eCommerce API.  We work with you to list your digital titles alongside your other products. Customers can then purchase your digital content from your website, managing the transaction and our API instantly makes content available to your customers.

Kortext Assessment

Educational and training material is evolving quickly. Talk to us about options to add assessment to your textbooks to make them more valuable and interactive. Students love it!

Kortext on a range of devices

Distributing your content has never been easier

By partnering Kortext, you're harnessing a platform and ecosystem that's being used by millions of students across 80+ countries around the world.

Join the digital revolution!