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Support teaching and learning with Kortext

As the central hub that brings staff and students together, the library plays a key role in the teaching and learning experience. With Kortext, all your tools and data are on one easy-to-use, powerful platform for you to deliver results to meet the expectations of your students and university.

With Kortext you’ll be able to:

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kortext premium

Presenting… Kortext Premium!

Kortext Premium is the future of learning, powered by AI. It is a suite of study tools available as an upgrade to our standard Kortext Essential package with our Arcturus platform.

At its heart, Kortext Premium introduces generative AI to your students’ learning in a self-contained, trusted format. These tools help make the online studying process more time-efficient for your students, keeping them focused and motivated. All the while, our new Citations tool will help to reinforce best practices and avoid plagiarism.

Access millions of online books

With over 4 million digital textbooks from 4700 publishers, the Kortext platform gives your library access to all the digital books your students need via its own bespoke book store.

Over the years we’ve established partnerships with all the key publishers to ensure the right content is readily available.

Taking a digital leap will give your university the tools it needs to meet the rapid evolution in online and blended learning.

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Manage your purchasing efficiently

The Kortext library acquisition portal offers a quick and easy purchase order system. Recent enhancements mean searching, selecting and comparing material has never been easier, and you can order content from over 4,700 publishers.

Features of the acquisition portal include:

Order baskets – easily review, manage and order books
Upfront pricing – see pricing and license types as you browse
Kortext inventory - search books by ISBN, book title or author
Multiple ISBN validation – upload ISBN numbers to instantly determine availability
Import reading lists – save time by uploading your reading lists into your acquisition basket
Order submission – submit orders quickly and initiate backorders
Basket rollover and export – duplicate baskets and export a list of titles to share with others
Back-office automation – integrate to streamline order intake
External search – title not found in our inventory? No problem, our acquisition portal lets you search outside Kortext too!

Learn more about the acquisitions portal

Understand what your students are reading

With Kortext, you’ll be able to access detailed analytics and reporting on everything from student engagement to content usage.

As part of the Jisc Learning Analytics Service, we provide trusted data and analysis to help you make data driven decisions. You’ll also have the option to download COUNTER 5 compliant statistics for a standardised way of reporting.

Monitoring of the data will keep your students on track. Any necessary interventions can take place and course materials can be reviewed and modified as required.

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Thousands of OA / OER titles

We have selected over 10,000 OA and OER titles from a wide number of leading commercial academic publishers and university/academic sources, that are now readily available on our site.

The collection has been expertly curated by our team, with a strong focus on core OA, leading academic publishers as well as OER content that, as a minimum has been selected by academics for use in teaching.

The collection will continue to be expanded and we would be delighted to hear from any customers who have other OER / OA resources they would like us to consider, look at and / or work to build bespoke collections to support specific areas of study.

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Efficient content management with DCS

Digital Content Store (DCS) allows an institution to request, digitise, clear the rights and provide links to content through CLA workflows.

Once cleared, students are able to access the content using the Kortext reader from an CLA provided link from either their reading list or VLE without requiring them to log in to a Kortext account.

If a student wishes to use personalised features from the Kortext reader, such as Notes and Bookmarks, they must create or login to a Kortext account.

For more information, please visit our Help Centre where a guide on this can be found.

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efficient content management
librians accessibility analytics

Use helpful accessibility features

Accessibility is important to us. On our platform, we have an array of accessibility features available within our interactive eTextbooks for all students.

In addition, we have developed accessibility features for our analytics users, suitable for those with colour vision disabilities as exemplified with this image, which shows the Kortext Analytics dashboard tailored to suit those with Colour Vision Deficiency (CVD).

Learn more about our accessibility features

Create accessible reading lists

KeyLinks, developed for all types of libraries, allows you to organise and manage content such as journal extracts, articles, case reference files and training materials into easily accessible reading lists.

By directing students to the resources they need to complete the course, Keylinks provides a reading list solution that will aid better outcomes.

Learn more about Keylinks

Easily integrate with your library system(s)

The Kortext Arcturus platform easily locks into your university tech systems however they are configured. We offer enhanced integration and operability with your learning ecosystem – from the VLE (like Canvas, Blackboard or Moodle) to reading list management systems and your library catalogues.

We’ll connect Kortext to ensure the material across your institution is easily available to thousands of students via single sign on. With unified access and workflow integration, you’ll reduce content access barriers and improve student satisfaction scores.

Learn more about integration with your VLE

Kortext Complete

For universities wanting to provide online access to all adopted textbooks for a single fixed price.

Kortext Complete provides added support and detailed engagement analytics to help drive progression, retention and success.

Kortext Personalised

Create a personalised collection of content from over 4700 publishers based on your specific needs.

Purchase on a title by title basis putting you in control of the acquisition process, regardless of budget.

Choose a flexible access model

We provide flexible access models that work for your university and your students. Access can be from the library OPAC, through the VLE, discovery portals or reading lists.

Kortext Complete or Kortext Personalised gives you the option to choose what’s best for you.

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Get help from our Librarian’s Guide

We’ve put together a handy guide to walk you through using the Kortext platform so you’ll be able to answer your students’ questions and support them with accessing their online course material.

We’ve also put in some useful tips on how to use the acquisitions portal, so you’ll know exactly what to do when placing and managing orders.

Read the Librarian’s Guide

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Manchester University

The University of Manchester partnered with Kortext in a shift towards digital learning and to address access issues, especially for large cohorts where print provision couldn’t meet demand.

Usage of all the different functionalities on the platform has increased in the past year, except printing copies which has decreased, thus highlighting a positive shift towards digital learning.

Olivia Walsby, Reading List Services Manager at University of Manchester

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