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Removing barriers to learning

Kortext is dedicated to providing rich, highly functional, long-term solutions for the needs of all learners, making our platform truly accessible.

We are committed to working with our users regardless of disability or impairment to provide the best possible experience.

You can view our Accessibility Commitment Statement here.

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Our Features

Text to speech

Convert text to speech with Read Aloud within our eReader. This inbuilt functionality is available in both ePUB and PDF files on our native applications.

Alt Text

Images contain ‘alt’ text to help you understand what the image displays and its purpose. We strongly encourage all of our content publishers to supply fully accessible files.


Resize or change the font style or colours to suit your needs in ePUB files. The background can be changed to night mode or dark sepia tone for different reading conditions and preferences.


Page numbers are located in the margin for ease of navigation. Navigational tagging is available across all our content including PDFs and ePUBs.

Screen readers

The Kortext app has a built-in reader or can work with other screen readers such as NV Access, JAWS, TalkBack, and VoiceOver.

Offline reading

The Kortext software is available to use anywhere no matter the Internet connection of the device making it portable and easy to use on the go.


To make our content accessible to as many people as possible, if requested, transcripts of all the audio and video content in the book are available.


Many titles are available being DRM-free and in EPUB format. This feature allows readers to enjoy our digital books no matter the type of their device.

Multi-language translation

Translate words and sections of eBook content into over 100 languages including Arabic, Hebrew, German and even Klingon!

Additional language support

Spanish, German and French have now been added to the list of default languages you can students can choose from when using the Kortext Arcturus platform, alongside Welsh, Arabic, Hebrew and Turkish.


Gold status in accessibility award

Kortext strives to deliver accessible learning solutions and support the entire student population from its outset. In fact, due to its passionate commitment, Kortext has been awarded gold status and achieved a 100% ASPIRE review score for accessibility.

The company has been a supporter of the ASPIRE project since its inception in 2018.

View our Accessibility Commitment Statement here.

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ASPIRE award
Our commitment to continuous improvement

We are continually working to maintain the accessibility of the Kortext platform with design and usability testing to remove all barriers to learning.