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Acing accessibility: Kortext maintains top ranking with 100% gold ASPIRE score

Kortext has achieved a 100% gold ASPIREscore for the quality of information provided in its accessibility statement, becoming the first major eBook and inclusive learning platform supplier to UK higher education to secure the award in 2023.

Ongoing commitment to inclusive learning

ASPIRE provides an external verification system and ranking for learning platforms and publishers on the basis of their accessibility. This score is testimony to Kortext’s ongoing commitment to providing fair and inclusive access to its products and services, including Kortext Arcturus, the UK’s number one eBook and smart study platform, providing an inclusive learning experience regardless of a student’s mode of study.

Kortext has been a supporter of the ASPIRE project since its inception in 2018 and won an excellence award at the inaugural ASPIRE Awards in 2019. Kortext has demonstrated a commitment to delivering accessible and inclusive learning solutions and supporting the entire student population from its outset and now ranks joint first on the ASPIRElist of all ASPIREverified digital platforms.

Enhanced accessibility features

According to UK Government statistics, at least 1 in 5 people in the UK have a long-term illness, impairment, or disability. Many more have a temporary disability. To ensure equity of access and an inclusive learning experience for all students, Kortext provides a number of accessibility features including:

  • Read Aloud for the audiobook experience on all apps *NEW*
  • Multi-language translation for content within the Kortext Arcturus eReader *NEW*
  • Different platform language options *NEW languages added*
  • Customisable font (including Open Dyslexic), page view and background colour within the eReader
  • Page zoom
  • Transcripts for all video and audio content available on request
  • Offline reading – significant for those with poor internet connections or those wishing to learn on to go
  • Alternative text for images when supplied by the publisher and keyboard only input for select functionality
  • Line spacing, margin width and text justification to help those with different reading needs and those with poor eyesight.

Kortext conforms to level AA of the latest Web Content Accessibility Guidelines WCAG2.1. and regularly modifies its content to meet updated guidelines. Kortext also has an accessibility support team, and welcomes user feedback to further enhance accessibility and drive an inclusive learning experience in higher education. Read more about how Kortext is driving inclusive learning and accessibility here.

Huw Alexander from the ASPIRE project commented:

We are delighted to award Kortext a gold rated, 100% ASPIREscore for the quality of their accessibility statement in 2023. Kortext first achieved this mark in 2020 and they continue to provide excellent, user-focused information for all their users. The ASPIREscore is a reflection of Kortext’s continued commitment to accessibility and their development of an inclusive learning platform experience for their customers. An informative accessibility statement is so important for users and provides a fantastic opportunity to tell Kortext’s accessibility story.

Read ASPIRE’s full report here.