Engaging with Gen Z in HE

It’s astounding to think how much the student population can change in one academic year based on the year the student was born and the generation they fit into – altering student experience and expectations entirely. The thing about Gen Z is… Aside from never knowing the sound of the internet dialling up and hearing

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Level up student engagement with interactive study tools

Happy student banner

School’s back for autumn – time to turn off the Alice Cooper and get students pumped for the next academic year. But we know that student engagement is no easy feat. As students and universities alike learn to navigate and master digitally enhanced teaching and learning, maintaining student engagement can be a real challenge –

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Kortext CEO and Founder talks hybrid learning with TechRound

Image shows James Gray, Kortext CEO and founder

TechRound – the UK’s independent voice for startups – caught up with Kortext’s CEO and founder, James Gray, at Kortext’s sun-drenched Bournemouth office to discover more about his entrepreneur journey and what the future holds for hybrid learning technology. From its Bournemouth HQ, Kortext has evolved from being the first eTextbook provider trusted by UK

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Digital literacy among students

If you walked into a room of young people and asked them to help you with snapchat, change your notifications or set up an account for TikTok, there would be no questions about whether they’d be able to do this for you.  Despite this form of digital literacy, there’s a growing trend in digital illiteracy amongst students; this is supported by

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What are you doing to keep your students engaged whilst teaching online?

tablet and laptop online meeting

It’s almost a year since the rapid response to the pandemic shifted all education to online learning, and there’s one topic that’s still being hotly debated, and that’s the controversial question of…  “Cameras on or off?”  There are arguments on either side from both educators and students, but what difference does it actually make? Quite

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