Feature focus: want to explore student Workbooks?

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Say hello to Workbooks – a central scratchpad for student notes and annotations, promoting more effective and impactful study behaviours. Stay organised With Workbooks at their fingertips, students using the Kortext Arcturus platform to read and study can easily collate their digital annotations into categories and even sub-folders such as modules, topics or Workbooks containing

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Engaging with Gen Z in HE

It’s astounding to think how much the student population can change in one academic year based on the year the student was born and the generation they fit into – altering student experience and expectations entirely. The thing about Gen Z is… Aside from never knowing the sound of the internet dialling up and hearing

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Taking care of your mental health at uni

Monday 10th October marks the day internationally recognised by the World Health Organisation as World Mental Health Day with an overall objective of raising awareness of mental health issues globally and mobilising efforts in support of mental health.   This year’s theme is making mental health and wellbeing a global priority for all due to the

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