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Kortext’s eTextbook and eBook licence models

Building on our blog about workflow integration, in this post we’re going to explore another perception expressed by respondents in our Annual Librarian Survey 2024 – that libraries can only purchase digital content from Kortext through the 1:1 eTextbook model.

We can offer you a range of licences

It’s true that Kortext was traditionally a Lot 5 eTextbook supplier, but our offer has evolved over time in response to customer feedback.

Our customers wanted the same user experience across both eTextbooks and monographs. In response, we negotiated addendums to our publisher agreements so we could meet this need.

In fact, as well as Lot 5, Kortext is on:

  • SUPC Lot 4.1 eBook for library access – individual title, DDA or package purchase for access on aggregator’s own platform, primarily UK languages and
  • APUC Lot 1 eBooks, eBook collections and eTextbooks, aggregator: title by title purchase (including non–English languages) in Scotland.

Kortext offers a variety of eBook and eTextbook purchasing models

Working in partnership

Since our inception in 2013, Kortext has built lasting relationships with thousands of publishers to aggregate the widest range of digital content available.

We hold titles from more than 4,700 leading publishers (including Wiley, McGraw Hill, OUP, Springer, de Gruyter, etc.) and our platform provides a gateway to over five million digital learning resources including eTextbooks, eBooks, Open Educational Resources and videos.

The licences we can offer are ultimately determined by publishers. However, we’ve been successful in working side by side with publishers and institutions.

We work with an institution to determine their available budget, then we approach publishers based on this information. The solution is usually a balance between what the university can afford and what’s viable for the publisher utilising a mix of models and, in some cases, provisioning content on new models to achieve sustainable access within existing budgets.

Our most popular models

You might associate us with Kortext Complete, but did you know that we offer Kortext Personalised too?

Kortext Complete includes access to more than one book per module (based on the reading list) and guarantees that no student will be turned away at point of need. We work with an institution to evaluate usage data in order to refine the collection, ensuring maximum value for money.

Kortext Personalised offers the option to purchase any titles in our inventory with all licence models communicated upfront. The library is always in control – you can buy one title or hundreds of titles through this model, it’s up to you. Plus, you can easily upgrade licence types.

We work in partnership with our customers. If our models don’t suit your needs, let us know and we can work together to find a flexible solution that fits your requirements.

Ready to discover more?

If you’d like to know more about how Kortext can support your preferred licence models, book a discovery call today.

You can also download our Annual Librarian Survey Report white paper. Submit your details via the form on this page to get your free copy and to see all the results to the questions we asked librarians in 2024.

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