Meet the Librarian – Sarah Ison

Sarah Ison University of Sussex

What’s it like to support students around the world who study online and never visit the university library in person? We spoke to Sarah Ison, Online Distance Learning Librarian, from the University of Sussex to find out! How and when did you decide to become a librarian? It wasn’t until I was doing my geography

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Meet the Librarian – Anne Worden

Anne Worden University of Portsmouth

Anne Worden from the University of Portsmouth was the lucky winner of cupcakes for her library team in our summer webinar. We caught up with Anne to find out more about her library career, and we got some excellent recommendations for European crime dramas along the way! How and when did you become a librarian?

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Meet the Librarian – Lynsey Southern

When the word librarian is uttered, people immediately think of the age-old stereotypes of school librarians. Dispelling that, we’ve scoured higher education high and low to show you there’s more to librarians than the cliches and stereotypes. Whilst we typically focus on higher education, Kortext caters to other sectors and industries, including the NHS, within

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Meet the Librarian – Hannah Groom

Within the higher education sector, we hear a lot about students, and rightly so, but nowhere near enough about the people who provide them support in many different shapes and sizes – their university librarians. To prove there’s more to librarians than hushing and clichés, we’ll be speaking with a different librarian each month to

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Meet the Librarian – Hayley Beresford

Now, if you’re familiar with Meet the Librarian, you will know that we typically speak to university librarians, yet this edition is slightly different. We’ve left the campus behind for a change and we’ve headed to Maidstone and Tunbridge Wells (MTW) NHS Trust to interview the trust’s clinical librarian – Hayley Beresford. If Hayley’s name

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