How important is student collaboration in higher education?

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Over the last three years, we have seen digital technology weave itself into the rich tapestry of higher education in a way never seen before, but where there is opportunity there is always a level of trepidation – particularly when it comes to the importance of student collaboration. At Kortext, we often hear concerns that

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The challenge for HE leaders – wellbeing and inclusion in the age of blended learning

It’s self-evident that the pandemic facilitated – or accelerated – changes to learning and teaching. But what type of changes, and on what scale? – Writes Wonkhe’s Debbie McVitty in a landmark research piece published today. In the autumn, supported by our partners Kortext, we set out to capture the views of leaders of learning

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Bridging the gap between collaboration and remote learning 

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For today’s graduates, competition for jobs can be tough. According to, the graduate employment rate in 2020 was down compared with 2019, so students need to be on top of their game to achieve those highly sought-after positions.  This month, AdvanceHE published the results of its 2021 UK Engagement Survey and it made for interesting reading. The survey recorded a “more than

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How to Boost your Grades with Blended Learning in 6 steps!

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by Dr Dominique Thompson One of the biggest challenges for students last year (in a year with many contenders) was learning almost solely online. There is now a sense of relief as face-to-face teaching returns for many, but it is likely that most students will be offered a mixed (‘blended’) approach to studying.

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An audience with… Emily McIntosh

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In August, we launched ‘An Audience With…’, which is a range of interviews based upon the future of teaching and learning.  In our latest An Audience With… we sat down with Middlesex University’s Director of Learning, Teaching and Student Experience, Emily McIntosh.  In our discussion, Emily touched upon inclusive curriculums, use of analytics to understand how students engage with digital content and

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Blended learning should be embraced for the benefit of all

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Before the pandemic hit in March 2020, many were dubious about the prospect of moving the world online. Despite having more technology than ever, we were told that turning up to the office or classroom was simply an inevitability if you didn’t want to miss out. Most of us are now a bit sick of

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