Dr. David Kellermann Presenting
By Amber Lovell

Dr. David Kellermann announced as our Summer 21 Webinar’s keynote speaker

June 4, 2021

Whilst some may have reached webinar fatigue, we can promise that our Summer 21 Webinar will definitely be different from the webinars you’ve been subjected to as of late. First of all, it’s going to be full of good, summer vibes, which is almost enough to make you want to sign up. If summer isn’t

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Girl Overcoming Stress Image
By Amber Lovell

Stress: What is it, and how to overcome it

May 12, 2021

University can be quite a whirlwind. It can be fun, exciting, and amazing, but it can equally be busy, stressful, and overwhelming.  Sometimes, stress is a bit of a buzzword, but if that’s how you feel, then that’s perfectly ok.  Despite the fact it can make you feel terrible, stress is a natural feeling, designed to

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Sustainability Image
By Amber Lovell

It’s Earth Day 2021 – are you playing your part?

April 22, 2021

We only have one planet, and undeniably, looking after it is incredibly important. Some have said that the world has had a chance to reset itself somewhat due to the pandemic. There weren’t as many people jet-setting, road-tripping, or on a normal level, getting stuck in traffic on their way to work. As things are slowly picking up again, traffic is getting back

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Graduates throwing their cap
By Amber Lovell

Pubs closed, books opened! 

April 20, 2021

A report produced by Universities UK and GuildHE suggests that the lockdowns in the UK gave students more time to spend studying.  This could therefore have been a contributing factor in the increase in top grades awarded in the UK for the last academic year.  Over a third (35%) of graduates gained a first-class degree in the academic

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girl studying
By Marketing Team

Stress Awareness Month 2021

April 9, 2021

Every April since 1992 has been earmarked Stress Awareness Month to increase public awareness about both causes and cures for stress.   According to the Mental Health Foundation, 74% of the adult population in the UK have felt stressed at some point in the last year. This is an overwhelming figure, but it appears that stress isn’t

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