Is Kortext your next step?

March 7th – 12th marks National Careers Week, and what better way to celebrate than by sharing the stories of those who began their careers at Kortext. 

 As the UK’s leading personal learning platform and supplier of digital textbooks, Kortext is continuing to see large-scale growth as universities worldwide embrace the blended learning revolution. 

With that growth comes a real need for to the right people to join us and help us support universities in their mission to empower the next generation of difference-makers through teaching and learning. 

With headquarters in Bournemouth, UK, our global team works with universities and governments to promote fairer and easier access to educational content, facilitate better engagement with core reading and, ultimately, improve the student experience. 

We think Kortext is a fantastic place to work – but we’ll let our colleagues speak for themselves… 

Meet Jesika

Kortext employee, Jesika Gomes
Kortext employee, Jesika Gomes


Jesika joined Kortext in July 2020 in the height of the pandemic as an Operations Admin Assistant. Less than two years’ later, Jesika is at the table as a Salesforce Administrator Analyst.  

Within her current role, Jesika is responsible for Salesforce administration, including user management, configuration and building reports and dashboards. As well as this, Jesika also trains users and creates training materials so everyone at Kortext can feel confident when using the system. 

After studying Communication and Media at Bournemouth University, Jesika was about to apply for a position in marketing at a butcher’s but, deep inside, she knew it wasn’t right for her. 

“I remember telling my mum how nice it would be to work for an Ed Tech company. Right after saying that, I refreshed the careers page and came across Kortext. You can call that manifestation powers if you want!” 

Intern and beyond

Regardless of your personality type, there’s room to excel in Kortext, with Jesika as proof. 

“I was one of the quietest and shy interns that joined the company back in 2020. I was told quite a few times that I needed to speak up more in order to stand out, but I just didn’t know how to do that. 

“To not dwell too much on these toxic thoughts, I would focus on doing my work properly by listening attentively to others and paying attention to detail. That seemed to have worked because a few months later I was offered a permanent contract.” 

Meet N3150N

Kortext employee, Nelson Chiu.

We also tracked down Kortext’s very own numbers wizard, Nelson Chiu, who joined Kortext as an intern in January 2021.  

“I found out about Kortext via the University of Southampton careers page. When I applied, the application said there was an opportunity for the position to be permanent, I tried my best and luckily, it all worked out.” 

Since then, Nelson has been helping the entire company with his skills by providing support analytics, data decks, coding and more.  

As his role is quite a busy one. I asked Nelson what he does when he is a little too busy, and his answer was reassuring to us all. 

“I try to take regular breaks when my workload gets too much. I also discuss with my manager to see if there’s anything I can delegate and then speak with my colleagues to see if we can share some of the workload.”  

Saving the best for last, we asked both employees whether they’d recommend Kortext to a friend. We’ll let Jesika and Nelson tell us their thoughts. 

Spoken like a true numbers man, Nelson said: “100%.” 

“I think everyone at Kortext is really nice, and it’s just a very friendly atmosphere.” 

Jesika said: “Absolutely! Kortext has a philanthropic purpose which is to make education accessible to students all over the world through a digital learning platform. That was the main reason I applied for the job back in 2020 – knowing that my work is supporting millions of students out there makes me feel fulfilled.”

“There are also good opportunities for growth in this company. I started as an Operation Admin Assistant processing quotes, fulfilling orders and responding to customer inquiries. A few months later, I was promoted to Operations Development Coordinator, and now I’m a Salesforce Administrator Analyst. It has been nice meeting and working with different people as well as learning more about our business processes whilst honing my skills along the way.” 

We’ve got a range of roles ready for you to apply for. What are you waiting for?

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