Inspection copies

Change the game with Kortext this academic year!

In our second blog on inspection copies, we’ll explore how Kortext can help you get ahead when preparing for the new academic year.

Read on to take a deeper dive into how our inspection copies make it simple to select the right texts for you and your students.

Plus, we’ll uncover how Kortext’s Academic Analytics enable you to assess how your students are engaging with their learning materials.

The power of inspection copies

In a recent blog we looked at the many benefits of inspection copies for academics and how to request your free inspection copy from Kortext.

An inspection copy allows you to assess whether a text aligns with your teaching and will engage your students, all in a cost-effective way for your institution.

The best part? You’ll be able to access a Kortext inspection copy anytime, anywhere!

Our smart study tools make it simple to record your thoughts. You can bookmark, highlight and annotate an inspection copy – you can even share your notes outside our platform.

Plus, you can enhance your annotations with other resources from your syllabus, adding external weblinks, images and videos to make your notes even richer.

Unleashing the potential of teaching materials

Let’s look in more detail at the pedagogical benefits of inspection copies and eBooks from Kortext for both academics and students.

An inspection copy allows you to assess a text to determine its suitability for your teaching methods and your course’s intended learning outcomes.

It also gives you the chance to refresh your reading list with new publications, or to make your curriculum more diverse by decolonising your set texts.

You can assess an inspection copy for readability and relevance, to determine whether it’s the right text for your students.

Our inspection copies and eBooks contain accessibility features, enabling an inclusive student learning environment. You can change font size, font style and background colour for a personalised reading experience.

Some of our eBooks contain interactive tests with real-time answers, encouraging deeper learning through active student participation.

Plus, you can set questions and answers based on passages in a text, helping you to check your students’ understanding.

As you know, collaborative learning is a powerful tool to promote student engagement. Our eBooks allow students to share annotations with classmates and set up group discussions, encouraging peer-to-peer learning.

Enhancing teaching strategies with Kortext Academic Analytics

Kortext Academic Analytics offer real-time data, enabling you to gain valuable insights at module, eBook and individual student levels.

Our comprehensive data allows you to reflect on student engagement with your chosen learning materials and uncover gaps in your students’ understanding.

You can track progress through the semester, facilitating early intervention for at-risk students.

By analysing reading behaviours and interactions, you can provide targeted and effective support, fostering successful student outcomes.

In conclusion

Kortext empowers academics not only to get ahead of the game, but to change the game as educators.

Our smart study platform, Arcturus, makes inspection copies convenient and efficient, with tools to facilitate seamless evaluation and annotation.

Kortext Academic Analytics power data-driven insight, enabling you to identify areas for improvement, support struggling students and increase engagement.

So, as you gear up for September, discover how Kortext’s innovative technologies can transform your teaching and elevate your students’ learning experience.

Tap here to request your free inspection copy!

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