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Real time insightful data analytics

Insight, Kortext’s data analytics tool provides valuable reports of student engagement.

With our analytics dashboard, you can see study patterns, student behaviours and content usage.

The data allows academics, librarians and course leaders to make informed decisions to improve engagement and facilitate learning.

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Industry recognised compliance

Kortext is COUNTER 5 compliant allowing you to download statistics for a standardised way of reporting.

To find out more about COUNTER 5 compliance view website.

Detailed analytics dashboard

The Kortext dashboard provides detailed analytics reports for you to see what’s going on.

You’ll be able to understand how your students study and what you can do to improve engagement.

The initial dashboard provides some of the following:

  • User summary – View active users, registered users, registration rate, activity rate and total users
  • Provision summary – View total courses, modules and number of books activated and time in book used
  • Engagement summary – View study time, pages accesses and study session summaries

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In-depth content analysis

Delve into the details of the usage of each book. Some elements you can view are:

  • Overall usage such as activity rate, the top chapters
  • Module summary of study time and in-book activity
  • Content usage at chapter and page level
  • Top search terms used

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Track engagement data

Understand your student’s behaviours, how, where and when they access their course material. Discover if they are focused on their learning and take any necessary steps to improve engagement.

The data will create intervention mechanisms to better support student retention, progress and outcomes.

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Discover the power of analytics

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