Empowering academics – the benefits of inspection copies

Let’s take a closer look at inspection copies. If you teach a course in higher education, did you know that you can use this valuable resource? Read on to discover the many benefits of inspection copies and how Kortext can help you prepare for the new academic year.

What’s an inspection copy?

If you haven’t requested an inspection copy before, what does this term actually mean?

It refers to a complimentary copy of a book provided by a publisher or distributor on request to an academic who is considering adopting the text for educational purposes.

An inspection copy enables you to assess the structure and content of a text to determine its relevance for your teaching and its suitability for your students.

It’s not the same thing as a desk copy. The latter is a book offered by a publisher to an academic who has decided to adopt the text for their course to assist them with their teaching.

What makes an inspection copy different?

There are usually terms and conditions attached to inspection copies. These will vary depending on the publisher or distributor.

In general, you’re eligible for an inspection copy if you’re teaching on a course where you might recommend the book as a set text.

You may have a specified period to review the inspection copy before deciding whether or not to adopt the title for your course.

It’s worth noting that inspection copies are primarily intended for professional evaluation purposes and they’re not meant for personal use.

What are benefits of an inspection copy?

It can be difficult to know which text is right for you and your students. Selecting a textbook can be a costly exercise, especially considering the budgetary constraints prevalent in higher education.

An inspection copy is a cost-effective means for you to assess a book (or several books) for suitability before adding a title to your reading list and asking your institution’s library to make a purchase.

It has pedagogical benefits too, allowing you to determine whether a text aligns with the teaching methods, intended learning outcomes and curriculum requirements of your course.

Plus, you can explore whether a book is right for your students. Is it clearly written and pitched at an appropriate level? Will it enhance student engagement? An inspection copy will help you answer those questions.

How can Kortext help?

Kortext is the world-renowned eBook and student experience expert. As part of our mission to support educators and drive student outcomes, we offer e-inspection copies of texts.

We know academics are busy people. One of the many advantages of an e-inspection copy is that it can be supplied quickly, so you don’t have to wait for a print copy to be delivered.

It can be viewed on various devices and platforms, allowing you to access and evaluate the content anytime, anywhere. You can also compare multiple texts, with no need to lug print copies around.

What sets Kortext’s e-inspection copies apart are the study tools on our innovative platform, Arcturus. You can bookmark pages, highlight content, annotate the text and add weblinks, images and videos for richer note taking. You can even translate the text into over 100 languages.

How do I request an e-inspection copy from Kortext?

Click here and complete the form. Our Customer Success team will fulfil your request, adding the title to your Arcturus bookshelf.

Once the title has been added, you have 60 days to evaluate it before it’s removed from your bookshelf.

The review period is normally 30 days, but we’ve extended it this summer to give you more time to assess books ahead of the new academic year!


In summary, inspection copies are valuable resources for educators, allowing you to select the best texts for you and your students in a cost-effective way for your institution.

Click here to request your inspection copy today!

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