Studying with Kortext

We know you’re enjoying your summer holidays; exams have been and gone and studying is the last thing on your mind, but it’s never too early to be prepared for your next year of uni. Preparing early could be the key to your success. Finding a study method that works well for you is invaluable

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How to study with Kortext

You’re just about to enjoy your Easter break, exams are ages away, and you’ve got plenty of time for studying, right? WRONG! Exam season is approaching faster than the next series of Love Island, meaning you really need to get a move on with revising before exams begin. Dependent on your course, exams may not

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Bridging the gap between collaboration and remote learning 

Woman on conference call on a laptop

For today’s graduates, competition for jobs can be tough. According to, the graduate employment rate in 2020 was down compared with 2019, so students need to be on top of their game to achieve those highly sought-after positions.  This month, AdvanceHE published the results of its 2021 UK Engagement Survey and it made for interesting reading. The survey recorded a “more than

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