Why textbooks should be included in tuition fees

Why textbooks should be included in tuition fees By Taylor Williams Picture this: you’re just about to begin your first year of university. You’re moving away from home, living independently, it’s the beginning of the rest of your life… and you find out your loan barely covers your rent. Then you get an email with

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Your thoughts on eTextbook provisioning: results from our February 2021 survey

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Kortext’s latest research has highlighted the increasing importance of the library in its support for both the teaching and learning function of a university as well as research, especially as universities move towards a more blended learning environment. Librarians representing over 80 separate UK and Irish HE institutions indicate that this will be an evolving

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Free “prescribed” etextbooks alleviate impact of university campus closures in South Africa

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With university campuses closed around the world due to Covid-19 and students unable to access their library, leading global etextbook platform provider Kortext, in conjunction with their South African partner Govtek, is enabling students to continue studying anytime anywhere by providing online access to their critical prescribed textbooks for free. Students are now able to

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