Will digital solutions dominate as student numbers rise?

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Student numbers are rising. The latest UCAS end of cycle data has revealed a record level of interest in full-time undergraduate programmes, with 767,000 applicants and circa 560,000 acceptances, putting real weight in the UCAS prediction of one million applicants by 2026. Perceived value of higher education remains strong Despite the cost of living crisis

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Record numbers set this year for UCAS and Kortext!

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Today, UCAS has released their first set of official data following the June 30th application deadline, and the future continues to look bright for higher education. Applications this year have been remarkably robust, as predicted back in February during a Kortext webinar by Sir Steve Smith, former Vice Chancellor of University of Exeter and current International Education Champion. During

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It was a record breaking Results Day!

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 I can remember opening my A-Level results as if it was yesterday. By the time I arrived at sixth form, UCAS had already emailed me to alert me I secured my place at my chosen university, but I was still full of both excitement and trepidation to find out whether all the stress was worth it. It was… kind

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Let students have a say in their learning

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A Jisc survey of more than 21,000 higher education students has found that just 36 per cent agreed that they were given a chance to be involved in decisions about online learning – A decision that would undeniably have a positive impact on the trajectory of their learning.  Another element that was lacking luster in the survey was that of collaborative working.

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Shift in prospective students opting for local institutions

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When the pandemic first hit back in March 2020, we saw the immediate impact it had on higher education. Campuses closed, students went home and lectures took place online, yet little consideration went into the long-term impact of the pandemic on higher education settings. Almost a year on, the long-term effects of the pandemic are

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