Why you should be adopting a Resource System at your institution


Resource list systems are comparable to other traditional reading list system but other much more functionality. By utilising a resource list system it can allow for thousands of multimedia resources. These can be more than just videos and images, but also podcasts and other digital content. Here are a few more reasons why you should

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The importance of Reading Lists for students

students listening to presentation

At the start of an academic year and many students are always trying to be as organised as possible, trying to understand how to access their modules and content lists through their institutions VLE. Even though the access flow is quite obvious, the majority of the time, students find it hard to understand the relevance

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The Impact on Higher Education by technological development

laptops on table

Current technological developments are altering various aspects of society and this is especially true for the education sector. With these digital developments, higher education is becoming more attainable, accessible for all members of society. This gives students a great opportunity, who have different socioeconomic backgrounds and live in various parts of the world. With the

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eTextbooks and their influence on the student learning experience

students talking

Even since the creation of first electronic eBook dates back to 40 years ago, ebooks have only just started to become popular over the last few years. Up until recently, etextbooks have been a digital version of print books; however, over time, new features such as keyword search, bookmarking and highlighting have been utilised. Furthermore,

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