Why you should be adopting a Resource System at your institution

Resource list systems are comparable to other traditional reading list system but other much more functionality. By utilising a resource list system it can allow for thousands of multimedia resources. These can be more than just videos and images, but also podcasts and other digital content. Here are a few more reasons why you should adopt this type of system:

1. Organisation

One factor of successfully organising reading and further reading is ensuring all of the digital resources in one centralised location. Learners are able to access the content they need in structured hierarchical lists. By allowing them to be fully customisable, lecturers and librarians can take advantage of this and personalise each section to their cohorts academic learning needs.

2. Efficient

Following on from the factor above, resource lists remove a lot of time spent searching for content and allow students to study to be more timely and organized. You shouldn’t have to waste time searching through 1000s of journals or videos on the web when students can access the resource list at a touch of a button.

3. Cost-effective

Resource lists are very cost efficient with time, but also advantageous in more traditional ways. Librarians are able to analyse how digital resources are spread out across departments, which in turn allows them to make cost-effective decisions on the distribution of resources.

4. Interoperable

Without using a different web browser, resource lists (especially KeyLinks) can be integrated into a variety of different learning systems including Library Management Systems, and VLEs.

5. Analytics

Our Analytics allows you have overview on which digital resources people use. Also, it gives you data about when and which students use these resources. This allows you to focus your efforts where they are needed and change materials accordingly .

This is just a small glimpse as to why resource list management systems, such as KeyLinks, should be adopted.

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