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The importance of Reading Lists for students

At the start of an academic year and many students are always trying to be as organised as possible, trying to understand how to access their modules and content lists through their institutions VLE.

Even though the access flow is quite obvious, the majority of the time, students find it hard to understand the relevance of their reading lists. With this in mind, here at KeyLinks, we are going to clarify what reading lists are and why they are considered one of the main parts of the entire student learning experience.

A reading list is described by Collins Dictionary as ‘a list of sources (recommended by a teacher or university lecturer) which provide additional background information on a subject being studied’.

Following on from this, let’s look at how reading lists influence the student experience.

Firstly, it is imperative to highlight that reading lists are not pointless(as many students think), and can be an invaluable resource. Indeed, they assist learners in saving time during various research processes, above all in the library. Through the utilisation of these virtual lists, students can effortlessly find books which are filtered by category, title and author.

Secondly, by disregarding reading lists, students can only use on their notes, and if they require extra resources, they will end up wasting time in the library looking for documents that might have already been included in the resource list created by teachers at the beginning of the year.

Thirdly, by utilising reading lists, students will have less problems when writing essays. Furthermore, by integrating their notes and the recommended content, they are halfway in the completion of their assignments.

Finally, students who read through and engage with the reading list resources, will have more opportunities to achieve superior results, as well as make a lasting impression on their lecturers. Also, by including these resources in the essay’s reference section, they show to lecturers that they have read the resources suggested.

In conclusion, it is crucial that students do not ignore their reading lists as these support them during their assignment writing process, as well as help save time and achieve successful grades.

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