Universities to benefit from enhanced content acquisition workflows and re-engineered platform

Improvements to Kortext’s Acquisition Workflow take centre stage, improving the user experience for university librarians as Kortext introduces its re-engineered Arcturus learning experience and engagement platform. 

Today (Wednesday 30th March), Kortext has announced significant enhancements to its Acquisition Workflow, with updates and additional functionality set to improve the user experience for university librarians.  

This comes as Kortext introduces the new and improved Kortext Arcturus platform, a robust system underpinning many of Kortext’s products and services.   

What’s changed for university librarians?

Among the developments, librarians will benefit from changes to the look and feel of the Acquisition Workflow, with easy-to-understand information on pricing and license types, new time saving features and improved inventory search functionality. 

With its new app-style layout, the Acquisition Workflow offers a familiar user experience like the modern, easy-to-navigate apps we use every day, and grid view allows librarians to compare titles easily.  

Book details can be reviewed in seconds, alongside upfront list pricing and license types which can be switched between right up until the basket is submitted – with more pricing models to be added over time. 

We understand that, with increasing responsibilities, time is short for university librarians, so we’ve added the ability to import existing reading lists and rollover baskets to make life easier. 

And with new tab-specific search functionality and the ability to search outside of Kortext if a title isn’t found in our inventory, finding the content you need has never been easier.  

For existing account holders, the acquisition workflow will automatically be available for use early May in time for your 22/23 content acquisition cycle. We would recommend that you book a walkthrough session with your Account Manager or Customer Success Representative to get an in-depth insight into the full functionality of the module.

Introducing Kortext Arcturus 

As part of a commitment to provide a best-in-class experience for its users, Kortext has re-engineered its platform from the ground up to enhance future teaching and learning experiences for the global education community.

The newly named Kortext Arcturus platform – a name born of the brightest star in the Northern Hemisphere – is fast, secure, intuitive and accessible anytime, anywhere.

The Arcturus platform powers a host of functionality for students, librarians and academics to deliver equitable and engaging learning experiences, including the Acquisition Workflow, the student bookshelf, eReader, analytics, university eBookStores and more. 

Kortext Arcturus has been built to: 

  • Seamlessly integrate with university tech systems 
  • Accommodate unlimited users 
  • Boost productivity with its ultra-fast processing capability 
  • Provide a fluent, app-based user journey 
  • Perform consistently, with first class uptime records 
  • Protect your data, leveraging the Microsoft Azure cloud hosting platform 
  • Facilitate automation and AI to deliver personalised learning experiences 
  • Be dependable, with reliable and robust backup systems 
  • Champion sustainability by using Microsoft’s Azure data centres. 

Discover the power, speed and extensive capability of the Arcturus platform – enabling university libraries, academics and students to embrace the new digital learning landscape with ease. 

To find out more about changes to the Kortext Acquisition Workflow or how the new Kortext Arcturus platform has been re-engineered for the benefit of your university, please visit our launch hub or talk to us.

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