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Tips for Tuesday!

There’s nothing worse than having to wait forever for your dinner to cook after a long day, and those first few days at uni will fly by, but the incredible amount of pasta and rice you stocked up on will still be waiting for you…

SO, here are some quick, easy, cheap, and delicious meals to make with your stockpile of starch.

(P.s, we picked recipes you can easily swap ingredients for vegan alternatives… we got you!)


Sausage Pasta Recipe

Sausage Pasta

Hearty, wholesome and great to cook for the whole flat… or, if like Joey, you don’t share food, you can portion and freeze this dish!



Rice pudding recipe


Rice Pudding

Super comforting, super versatile and incredibly good hot, or cold! Obviously, if you’re weary about dairy, swap for your preferred alternative.



TikTok Pasta Recipe


TikTok Pasta

Need we explain!?




Bolognese Recipe



A classic! If you’re veggie, click here!





Risotto recipe


Now, this is vegan, but it’s a solid 10/10 whether you’re vegan or not!




Guys, these are just the top five, but there’s a whole world out there waiting for you!

Explore the internet, look for new recipes and get cooking… or as Guy Fieri would say… there’s a one-way ticket to flavourtown with your name on it!

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