Girl Rising – Support the future!

At Kortext, it’s our mission to pave the way for future difference makers.  

This is of great prominence due to the sheer number of social media influencers and reality TV stars landing top corporate roles, therefore limiting chances of graduates further.

To ensure everyone rises, Kortext has joined the likes of Anne Hathaway, Michelle Obama and Meryl Streep and partnered with Girl Rising. 

Girl Rising is a girls’ education non-profit that delivers research-proven educational programming. The programme reaches an epic 200,000 young people, in 12 countries with 130 partners and 10,000 educators!

Our incredible partnership with Girl Rising means we’re able to provide digital access to resources that are essential for learning.

It has also enabled us to collaboratively create an eBook that we are incredibly proud to say is available on the Kortext platform. 

The eBook is rich with educational resources, classroom prompts, activities, discussions, and stories from girls in the programme. 

It’s important to highlight non-profits such as Girl Rising. For instance, they create a vast number of resources to be used by teachers and educators. They’re used to navigate discussions within classrooms about challenges faced by girls globally.  

Not only this, but they work with local partners to change attitudes and social norms so that entire communities stand up for girls, and against gender discrimination to ensure that indeed, girls rise. 

 Kortext is known as The UK’s #1 student content and engagement platform that provides a personalised learning space to educate the next generation of difference makers, but we’re much more than that… We’re making a difference by passionately supporting access for students the world over. 

What can you do to support the movement?

Mark Monday 11th October in your diaries – it’s International Day of the Girl. It’s your chance to stand up for the rights of girls, promote gender equality and more. Girl Rising are running a summit from Friday October 1st – Sunday October 3rd to emphasise the impact and importance.


You don’t have to run a marathon, do a sponsored silence, or do a bake sale to support the movement… (Well, you can if you want to, but there is an easier way!) Simply click here to get involved! 


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