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Kortext scratch and sniff!

Due to popular demand, we’ve taken our eTextbooks to the next level with the introduction of our new interactive feature – scratch and sniff!

Kortext Scratch and Sniff is here to take virtual learning to the next level, helping budding historians revel in the exact smells through history, such as the smell of a Victorian street, all the way back to a Roman latrine, and English Literature students smell what it would have been like in fair Verona circa the 16th century.

This new development is really changing the game, helping the next generation really get the feel for the subjects they’re studying.

Head of innovation, Avril Poisson, said:

We’re so excited to finally introduce this. The demand for eTextbooks has increased dramatically since the pandemic last March, so getting this completed has taken much of the year… but time well spent, I say.

Click here for your free trial of Kortext Scratch and Sniff!


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