How to study with Kortext – The Feynman Technique

Exam season is approaching faster than the end of the DFS sale, meaning you really need to get a move on with revising before exams begin. 

Dependent on your course, exams may not even be your only worry. You may have coursework due too, which really emphasises the need for you to get studying sooner rather than later. 

 Each week, we’ll be sharing a great method to help with studying, advice for your exams and essay writing tips that will help you achieve the best grades. 

 This week, we’re talking about The Feynman Technique.

What is it?

The Feynman Technique is an easy and efficient method of learning a concept quickly by explaining it in plain and simple terms. This is super handy if you haven’t left yourself enough time or you’re feeling stressed about the time you’ve allocated to revise everything.

Essentially this involves knowing something so well that you can explain it simply in your own words – ultimately meaning you’ll know it better… If you’ve ever been on Reddit’s ELI5 sub, you’ll know exactly what this means.

How do I do it?

  1. Write the subject/concept you are studying at the top of a sheet of paper.
  2. Explain it in your own words as if you were teaching someone else.
  3. Review what you wrote and identify any areas where you were wrong. Once you have identified them, go back to your notes or reading material and figure out the correct answer.
  4. If there are any areas in your writing where you used technical terms or complex language, go back and rewrite these sections in simpler terms for someone who doesn’t have the educational background you have.

Is that it?

YES! It’s really that simple.

Have you ever watched a TED talk by someone who’s incredibly clever in their field yet they can explain their work to you in an accessible way that completely captivates you?

That’s what you’ll be doing with your revision!

What are you waiting for? Log into Kortext to begin studying!

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