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How to study with Kortext – Spaced practice 

Exam season is approaching faster than the next series of Love Island, meaning you really need to get a move on with revising before exams begin. 

Dependent on your course, exams may not even be your only worry. You may have coursework due too, which really emphasises the need for you to get studying sooner rather than later. 

 Each week, we’ll be sharing a great method to help with studying, advice for your exams and essay writing tips that will help you achieve the best grades. 

 This week, we’re talking about spaced practice. 

What is it?

Spaced practice is a method of studying that will help you to study over a long period of time as opposed to panic-cramming the night before your exams. 

How does it work? 

By spacing out your revision, you’re allowing your brain to make connections between ideas and build upon the knowledge that can easily be recalled later, as our brains work harder to recall information when we’ve almost forgotten it.  

What are the steps?

Day 1: Learn the material. 

Day 2: Revisit and review. 

Day 3: Revisit and review. 

After one week: Revisit and review. 

After two weeks: Revisit and review. 

It’s worth noting that this is something you can carry through to the lecture theatre by simply scheduling some time each day just for studying and reviewing the material you learnt in the session. 

Even if your exams are months away, this will help you hold yourself accountable and get you into a good routine of practise.

What are you waiting for?

Log into Kortext today and begin studying. Day 1 can start now! 

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