8 things Kortext’s Student Ambassadors love about eTextbooks! 

Books are read,
Pages turned too,
Here’s 8 things Kortext Student Ambassadors love about eTextbooks, 
Which they want to share with you! 

1. “I love eTextbooks because there’s no need to carry around bulky books!”

– Shakshi Deuja, Kortext Student Ambassador 

This is a great point. Do you know that the average textbook weighs 4.5lbs? If you had to carry four textbooks, a couple notebooks, and water, your backpack would weigh approximately 30lbs…ouch.

Do you know how much an eTextbook weighs?


2. “I love the voice over, highlighting and referencing options. These are essentially beneficial for students overall, but these features support students with learning disabilities as well.”

– Shazia Noreen, Kortext Student Ambassador 

100%! We take pride in providing accessible content; rich, highly functional, long-term solutions for the needs of all learners, with a wide range of accessibility features such as: 

Text-to-speech, alternate font styles, alt text, offline reading and more! 

3. “Available on multiple devices!”

Claire Lewis, Kortext Student Ambassador 

Did you know Kortext is available anytime, anywhere? You can use Kortext on desktops, mobiles and tablets. To make sure you’ve got Kortext on all of your devices, click here! 

4. “All of the features that allow you to make notes and highlight important things!”

– Silja Gola, Kortext Student Ambassador 

Silja makes a great point. We love eTextbooks for many reasons, and this is just one of them. eTextbooks on the Kortext platform come with a host of interactive study tools like notes and highlights, meaning you can annotate your texts and store your notes in one e place. 

5. “I love eTextbooks because they don’t use a lot of paper, they’re sustainable and environmentally friendly.”

– Sharon Choi, Kortext Student Ambassador 

Excluding their packaging and delivery, according to our research, a print book can leave a carbon footprint of up to 2.7kg. To put this into perspective, the average plastic bin bag leaves a carbon footprint of 55g.  

6. “I love eTextbooks because I can use the search bar to find what I need, whether it’s page numbers or chapters!”

– Khadija Babirye, Kortext Student Ambassador 

When you use Kortext’s search functionality, you can search for words or phrases. 

It will return results from the entire bookshelf, including Collections and Videos if available at your institution. 

You can navigate directly to your search via the search results, speeding up the learning experience on any of your devices!  

7. “I love eTextbooks because they’re great for collaboration! It’s also easy to access the chapters I need by clicking in the contents list!”

– Angela Cohen, Kortext Student Ambassador 

Arguably, this is number 7 and 8, but we’ll keep Angela’s love to one point. Collaboration is really important for learning, improving teamwork and helping you learn from others – both integral skills in the workplace.

As well as this, collaboration allows for different points of view and alternative arguments to be added into the mix, ultimately providing a richer level of learning. 

8. “I love eTextbooks because it means I have all of my core textbooks in one place!”

– Laura Wopara, Kortext Student Ambassador  

We love this too. There are over 2 million eTextbooks available on the Kortext platform and you can access them all through your personal Kortext bookshelf.  

There’s a lot of Kortext love for such a short blog. What do you love about Kortext? Spread the love in the comments below! 

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