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What to do during Welcome Week

Welcome Week, commonly known as Freshers’ Week, takes place before your lectures start and is designed to help you settle into university.

It’s a big time for new students, as it comes with so much to do! Here is our list of things to consider doing during the start of your university experience.

Moving into halls

Before or during your Welcome Week, you might be thinking about moving into university accommodation.

This will be a time of discovering independence and being able to personalise your room to really make it your own. Bring plants, decorations and photos from home to make your accommodation a comfortable and relaxing environment to come to at the end of the day.

If you want to know what items we think you should bring to university (and maybe some that aren’t so necessary), check out our blog on just that!

Find your way around campus

Lectures and seminars are going to be starting soon, and while you don’t have to have the entire campus map memorised, it’s good to know where the buildings relevant to your course are, and how long it takes you to get from one end of your campus to the other.

This will help reduce any first day panic of rushing around and potentially being late to your lectures, as well as working out where buildings are in relation to each other.

Explore the city

You’re likely going to be living in this city for the length of your course, which is typically at least three years, so you should know what’s around!

See what grocery shops are near where you’re living, what sights there are to see/activities to do, what transportation options are available, and just generally what’s it like in the city centre.

Doing this will make you familiar with everything and will help you get around a whole lot easier.

new students making friends

Explore nightlife

If it’s your style, check out the pubs, bars and nightclubs in your university city. These are places you can socialise with your friends to unwind and dance the night away!

Exploring the night scene can help you immerse yourself in the local culture, traditions and trends. You can really get a feel for what your new city has to offer beyond your campus.

Freshers’ Fair

Freshers’ Fairs are what many students look forward to when joining university. Your university will set up all different kinds of stands and activities for you to enjoy (not to mention the amount of freebies you’ll get!).

These could include watching live performances, playing games and competitions, going in fun photo booths, trying out free food and drinks, and much more!

This is also an opportunity to get to know which societies your university has, and to join any that take your interest, from sports, cultures, games and more. Joining societies can create lifelong friendships through these mutual interests, so don’t be afraid to put yourself out there!

Go get ready!

Make the most of your Welcome Week, it marks the beginning of this new chapter of your life, so start it with a bang and go make some unforgettable memories! Good luck to all of you starting university!

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