We’re back on campus!

As students around the world have been making the move back to campuses in their thousands, Kortext staff have slowly been doing the same.

Hussein Elkady, Kortext’s Business Development Director for EMEA conducted his first on-campus visit since the pandemic took hold last month. 

Beginning his string of Kortext workshops, Hussein started by visiting the Arab Academy for Science, Technology and Maritime Transport, attending the Abu Qir and Alalamin campuses in Egypt.  

Hussein Elkady at AAST
Hussein Elkady at AAST

Whilst there, Hussein was able to demonstrate all of the smart study tools offered to both staff and students that are available to them anywhere, anytime on the Kortext platform. 

Keeping busy, in total Hussein carried out 20 training sessions for approximately 2,000 students from 8 different subject areas, including: engineering, computing, business, marine transport, logistics, pharmacy and media. 

Speaking about his return to campus, Hussein said: “It was great to see instructors and students face to face after such a long time. The real interest in Kortext was shown clearly as both instructors and students demonstrated. 

Students showed their enthusiasm by raising plenty of questions about the platform and the steps they should take to access their books from within their LMS.” 

Despite being first year students, Hussein noted that they were very fond of the platform. 

During his visit, Hussein also met and shook hands with His Excellency the President of the Academy, who celebrated Kortext and our “fruitful cooperation in developing the educational process through the electronic books that have been made available to college students in different fields.” 

Live demonstrations of Kortext are really beneficial for both staff and students, as they allow for a greater understanding of the platform and for users to see all elements of the platform in action in real time. 

If you would like to book a live demonstration of Kortext for your institution, click here to contact us. 




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