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Student lifestyle: what to do this summer

The best season of the year has come – summer is an amazing time for many university students: exams are done and you’ve plenty of free time to do what you really enjoy.

Apart from spending a whole afternoon watching your favourite series on Netflix or sleeping until late every day, you should make the most of this free time to avoid being bored.

Below are some activities you should consider doing this summer!

  • Festivals – During this warm season, there are different festivals all around Europe. So why don’t you plan a last minute holiday with your friends in a European capital? You’ll be able to explore new places along with enjoying the music of DJs from all around the world.
    Don’t have enough money left after your year at uni? Many festivals are looking for volunteers! This is a great way to work, gain experience while having fun and fully enjoying your favourite music.
  • Explore the world – After your exams, you deserve to relax and have holidays. Plan a trip abroad so you will be able to destress while experiencing other cultures and having memorable experiences. If you want to travel cheap, book hostels instead of hotels and be flexible on your departure and return dates.
  • Find a job – If you’re staying at home for most of the summer, try to find a part-time job. There are many benefits related to summer work experiences; not only will you earn money, but also experience and skills that will boost your CV. In addition, you’ll spend less time procrastinating, meaning you won’t feel bored.
  • Enjoy your time with family and friends – If you’re one of those students who barely goes back home during the academic year, summer is the perfect time to spend time with your family and friends. Why don’t you plan picnics or camping trips with your parents? This is a nice way to stay all together.
  • Read – Even if this doesn’t seem the most appealing summer activity, starting on your reading early will save you sleepless nights in September and boost your grades too. Try to schedule an hour every day in which you will read something about your modules. Believe us – you’ll never regret it!
  • Detox – Have you spent your last university semester partying or sleeping just a few hours a night? This is the right time to get yourself in shape. During summer, you’ll have more time to cook from scratch, avoiding junk food. Also, why don’t you start running outdoors? Keep in mind that every little helps!
  • Subscribe for a free online course – Summer is also a good month to start a MOOC and enhance your knowledge in subjects you love. Most of the courses are recorded or streamed from well-known universities and they allow you to get a certification at the end of the course. Applying for online courses is a good way to study what you love while boosting your CV.

Summer is the favourite season of many students who have lots of free time to relax and enjoy their favourite activities. However, it’s important they know how to spend this time carefully to make the most of it!

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