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Kortext at the heart of global digital learning transition

Here at Kortext, we pride ourselves on being a 21st century learning and analytics platform, integrating into learning ecosystems around the world, helping learners, educators, publishers and librarians achieve more.

Our digital footprint has found its mark amidst some monumental, worldwide transitions, contributing to the modern transformation of some prolific higher education institutions (HEI), providing their students and educators with the chance to transform the way they teach and learn.

One of these institutions is British University Vietnam (BUV), who chose Kortext as their sole provider of digital content, a first-ever for the country. With the partnership, students will have access to world-class academic content produced by publishers such as Pearson, Oxford University Press, Taylor & Francis, and Cambridge University Press.

The Trade Envoy to Vietnam and Representative of the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom said:

I am also delighted to witness this historic signing, and it builds on the already strong ties that BUV has with the world-class University of London… In education, we have the best education system, the best universities, the best educational publishers and the best Edtech companies.

But it doesn’t stop there. The Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport (AASTMT) was the first HEI in Egypt to move from the analogue age to the digital and have since progressed to be supremely successful within the world of academia. For example, the faculties of engineering and computing in Alexandria won second place in the global submarine competition this year, which was held in Kingsport in Tennesee, USA

Dr Ismail Abdel Ghaffar, the President of AASTMT, said:

The agreement [with Kortext] will provide the Academy with approximately 25,000 students and researchers access to high-quality digital learning materials from all major educational publishers worldwide, and will provide a truly personalised learning environment and experience for all learners, while generating analytics to ensure that each student can reach their full potential…

Against the Grain, a well-known news journal within the library and publishing industry in the USA, has noticed Kortext as a critical contributor to an ever-changing landscape and the move towards the digital realm of education.

Kortext is becoming universally known as a safe-haven for publishers in a fluid, demanding market, harnessing the business model we provide to distribute their content to an audience that will forever be in need for the product we provide. They are also wanting to make use of the hugely popular analytics part of our platform, where they are able to gather crucial data to comprehend the value and usage of their books. And as a platform that works with many universities around the globe and is accessed daily by thousands of students, librarians and publishers are able to obtain frequent, consistent statistics. Against the Grain highlights these developments within the publishing world, and shifts their focus onto “the increasing presence and reach of intermediaries such as Kortext.”

It’s great to see how far Kortext has come, and we see our worldwide prestige only growing with the opportunities that are both underway and yet to come. As we speak, our global integration is strengthening, and with so many universities desiring the digital transition, the eLearning market is one that’ll always need someone like us.

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