Always forgotten uni essentials 

You’ll probably agree that life has changed drastically in the last few years, but one constant is the things your child will need to take with them to university. 

If this is your first time you’ll be waving a teary goodbye to your child as they embark on university life, this list will be incredibly handy. If you’ve done it before, it will serve as the perfect refresher (and maybe even remind you of some things that are often forgotten).  

We’re firmly in the digital age and, as such, a laptop has become the biggest ‘must have’ to help your child complete their studies, but there are other essential items to consider that often become an afterthought. Here’s our ‘what to take to university’ checklist containing essentials every fresher will need.  

A doorstop

Seems a bit of a strange one, right? But it’s all about relationship building. A doorstop will help to keep their bedroom door open, acting as an open invitation to their flatmates and housemates to come in and say ‘hello’. Making friends is an important part of those first few days at university and will help your child develop a sense of belonging…which is also why our next item make a lot of sense…  

Tea, coffee, hot chocolate and biscuits

A sweet saviour for when everyone’s moving in. A simple biscuit can provide a much-needed shot of energy and may even be the start of a friendship! Hot drinks are also friendly for everyone as not everyone drinks alcohol, but very few turn down a cup of hot chocolate.   


A common theme among students is the incredible amount of pasta that gets overcooked. Simply pop it in a box and have it for another meal! It saves money and food waste, which makes everyone a winner. 

A recipe book

If your child is likely to be one of those students who cooks a behemoth amount of pasta, a recipe book will come in very handy indeed! 


Whilst everything is costing more, student loans and grants aren’t increasing to reflect this. You should investigate eTextbooks for your child as an alternative to print textbooks. They’re often much cheaper than physical textbooks and can be more beneficial with their smart, digital study tools, ability to work on any device and accessibility features.
Visit the Kortext store to browse our vast catalogue of eTextbooks, all available at competitive prices. Your child can also save up to 30% more with Student Beans, the free student discount site / app. 

A cardholder / keyring

From personal experience, being locked out of your uni room after nipping to the kitchen for some water isn’t very fun! A cardholder on the back of their phone or a keyring that can clip onto their jeans / pyjamas will save them! 

An extension lead

There’s never enough plugs for all of their devices and chargers! 

A blanket

In addition to their bedding, a blanket will be handy because they can take it to the sofa when they have movie nights with their housemates (and who doesn’t like to be extra toasty?). 


Sometimes students run out of money, so some vouchers towards their groceries, stationery and other supplies will be very welcome. 

A bike, a helmet and lock

Transport is quite pricey – if they’re living a little further away from campus or if they have a part-time job, their own mode of transport will help them get where they need to be. Plus, it’s good for the environment and provides a great excuse to get some exercise which is proven to improve mental health. 

… And that’s it! 

 These are the things that are commonly forgotten about! Do you think we’ve missed anything?

Let us know!

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