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An audience with… Krishna Roy Chowdhury

The third guest in our ‘An audience with…’ line-up is University of East London’s Krishna Roy Chowdhury. 

At present, Krishna is UEL’s Head of Content and Digital Environments. Her role includes overseeing archives, the digital and academic services team, as well as the scholarly communications team, which looks after research and Open Access data and publications. 

As you can imagine from the above, Krishna is a very busy bee, but we were lucky enough to spend some time with Krishna, albeit virtually, to gain a greater understanding of her varied role and help create an informed picture of librarians. 

The best part of Krishna’s role, you ask?

Interacting with students.  

I heard you gasp!

You’re right, stereotypically, librarians are strict and require complete silence in the library when really, they are the ‘powerful search engine with a heart’, who care an awful lot about the students and institutions. 

Within this short video, Krishna explores a range of topics, including the adoption of digital textbooks by academics, UEL’s integration of digital teaching and learning resources and UEL’s ‘ambitious but achievable’ goal.  

Krishna is an asset to her institution – watch the video below, and you’ll think so too.  


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