Steps to self-directed study success!

As a student, you very quickly become aware of the level of effort you need to put in to meet the minimum requirements for passing your course, but is that enough? Sadly, not. Faster than you could possibly imagine, your studies will be over, and you’ll be competing with hundreds of thousands of other graduates for post-graduate placements, schemes and jobs.

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University – Expectations VS. Reality

Brace yourselves! September is coming … And guess what that means? Uni is right around the corner! We’re sure that you’re going to have the best time of your life being a student, however, sometimes, especially if it is your first year being at university, things may not go as you’d always envisioned them. We

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Is there too much pressure to go to university?

Student Struggling with University Pressure

Every year, school leavers are faced with an important decision: what next? There’s a whole variety of pathways, yet, shockingly, 50% of young people feel pressured to go to uni. A survey of recent school-leavers showed that half of the UK’s 18-24 year olds experienced pressure to pursue further education rather than exploring vocational options. Six out of

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