New Kortext Acquisition Portal and User Interface

Kortext Acquisition Portal

Ch-ch-changes!  Borrowing our title from one of the favourite musicians for Librarians (according to a recent survey), Kortext has made Ch-Ch-changes!  We have made some highly anticipated upgrades to our user experience for both students and librarians, which will really enhance the way the platform is used.  For librarians, we have updated the Acquisition Portal so that you will have more visibility into the Kortext book inventory, as well as

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Textbooks are changing – the way we buy them needs to change too

laptop and books on a table in a university library

For Kortext’s James Gray and Tim O’Shea, changes to the way we use textbooks mean we need to think more about the way we buy them.  The higher education sector stands at a point of inflexion.  A full on-campus experience is currently not possible, and fully online models cater for certain niches well but have not yet

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