Kortext Acquisition Portal

New Kortext Acquisition Portal and User Interface


Borrowing our title from one of the favourite musicians for Librarians (according to a recent survey)Kortext has made Ch-Ch-changes! 

We have made some highly anticipated upgrades to our user experience for both students and librarians, which will really enhance the way the platform is used. 

For librarians, we have updated the Acquisition Portal so that you will have more visibility into the Kortext book inventory, as well as tools to organise your orders, a reduction in manual steps and a better service all-round from a streamlined order fulfilment process. 

Some of the other changes for librarians include: 

Order Baskets – Create one or more baskets to easily organize books for acquisition from Kortext. 

Kortext Inventory Search -   Scan the entire Kortext Inventory for books by ISBN or Book title, view book details and add them to an order basket. 

Multiple ISBN Validation – Using a template file, upload a list of ISBN files to a basket and instantly determine availability. 

Order Submission –   Submit an Order basket for fulfilment of available books and initiate a backorder inquiry for unavailable ones. 

Basket Export – Export the list of books in a basket to a .csv or .xls file, to share and collaborate with others. 

Back Office Automation– Integrates with Kortext back office system (Salesforce) to streamline order intake. 

For the full experience, watch the walk-through video below:

Kortext Library Acquisitions Portal Walk Through from Kortext on Vimeo.

Not only are librarians in store for a better experience, but students are too! 

We have given our site a facelift; once they log in to access their bookshelf it’s a whole new world… 

Okay, that’s a slight exaggeration but it looks and feels fresher, and a lot easier to navigate. 

This update includes a powerful Google like book and content search; establishing a foundation and framework for Kortext to introduce role-based features for Students, Academics, and Librarians. 


Kortext Acquisition Portal
Our new search functionality even brings up results from within books on your shelf!


Not only this (yes, there’s more!), we’ve switched things up with a responsive design layout with a collapsible navigation bar that maximizes the bookshelf view, so the student can see more books without even having to scroll! 


Fear not, a virtual tour launches when the student logs in for the first time since updating! Check it out here:  

If you’d like a demo of the new UI/ Acquisition Portal or have any feedback simply, click here