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Oxford University Press wins big at Indian Education Awards 2021!

Oxford University Press Wins Big at Indian Education Awards, 2021.

On the 22nd of June, Oxford University Press India won big at the 11th Indian Education Awards, with OUP India receiving the crown of “Best eBooks” at an award ceremony, hosting the very best of Indian and global thought leadership in EdTech and digital transformation.

As a Higher Education fulfilment partner of Oxford University Press India – delivering OUP India’s digital books to Higher Education institutions across India through the Kortext app – we’re delighted that OUP India’s high-quality and extensive learning materials are receiving the recognition that they deserve.

India, like many countries worldwide, has been impacted by the coronavirus pandemic, and during several lockdowns nationally, and in individual states, universities and libraries have transitioned to an online mode of content delivery.

We’ve therefore seen students and educational institutions embrace digital transformation in order to maintain continuity in learning. By providing their rich and up-to-date content through Kortext, OUP India has ensured that no matter where you study or teach – in the classroom or at home – a smart, convenient and user-friendly platform is available, whenever you need it. Once again: a big congratulations to Oxford University Press India on this award.

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