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Over 50% of UK university students now use Kortext e-learning materials!

It brings us great joy to share that for the first time, more than 50% of UK university students now have access to digital learning materials through the Kortext platform.  

As the UK’s market-leading learning content and engagement platform, we can now share that the Universities of Wolverhampton, Bournemouth and Chester are the latest to sign up to Kortext’s learning solution for students in the 21/22 academic year!

The blended learning revolution has seen the number of university students with access to their required eTextbooks and other learning resources via the Kortext platform skyrocket; growth has increased from 804k students (32.6%) in 2019 to 1.3m students (52.8%) in just two years.   

James Gray, CEO of Kortext said:  

We previously believed that the digital-first revolution in education would take ten years. Well, approaching two years into the pandemic, we’re now at the tipping point where the majority of universities use digital-first as their approach to course material delivery.

The 500k student increase is a direct result of the pandemic, and as a direct result of that, the functionality of the Kortext platform has enhanced significantly.

This enables students across the UK to seamlessly connect from their course, to their learning materials, to each other and to their academics.  

Kortext's CEO, James Gray sat at table in front of laptop.
Kortext’s CEO, James Gray

Accessible e-learning materials have been essential for students since the beginning of the pandemic. Online access to this material, in a way that facilitates collaborative teaching and learning, is now becoming the default operating model for an increasing number of universities in 2021. – James Gray 

Since Kortext began…

…In 2013, we have partnered with universities to provide students with access to essential eTextbooks and other learning resources at no cost to the student.  

Emphasising this ethos further, James commented: “As part of an effective university blended learning model, students not only expect free and easy access to digital-resources but also tool sets that enable deep engagement with the learning content, in a way that supports research lead, collaborative learning.” 

Our interactive platform, that inspires collaboration offers access to over 2m digital books, from over 4,500 academic publishers, and is now accessed by students from over 200 countries and territories around the world.   

Academic in front of students holding laptop with Kortext on screen
An academic using the Kortext platform

A little closer to home, Kortext is now available in over 120 universities across the UK, with Wolverhampton, Bournemouth and Chester, the most recent partnerships announced joining the likes of Exeter, Birmingham, Middlesex, Kings College London and many others 

Jo-Anne Watts, University Librarian at one of our most recent partners, Wolverhampton University, said: “Providing essential resources, such as textbooks, to our students can cut the cost of university, removing hidden course costs and ensuring no student is disadvantaged in terms of access to essential reading.”

“We know that digital exclusion impacts a significant number of our students, and that poor access to digital resources is considered a contributing factor to low engagement in learning.”

The University of Wolverhampton is one of the latest institutions to adopt the Kortext platform, and our new scheme, Kortext Complete. 

Kortext Complete

The Kortext Complete scheme will mean that all 20,000 taught students at the University will receive individual digital copies of core textbooks needed for their course for free!  

We are introducing this scheme, in part, to offset the challenges that students have faced in accessing ebooks during the past 18 months. Unlike existing ebook provision, there are no usage limitations on the eTextbooks, no caps on the number of students that can read texts at any time, and no restrictive licenses prohibiting use by TNE students, partner students, or distance learners. Jo-Anne Watts

James Gray added: “We are very aware that students have felt isolated and disconnected from their university over the last year. Digital provision, as part of an integrated, blended learning experience can significantly improve satisfaction by connecting students, through their learning materials, to their course and fellow students wherever they are!”  

To find out more about the Kortext platform, Kortext Complete, or to request a demo, click here!