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Christophe Benaroya, Director of the Aerospace MBA at Toulouse Business School, discusses how Kortext’s platform helped overcome a number of challenges…

Course content: from print to digital

We’re managing a 100% international Aerospace MBA programme with executive participants coming from diverse countries and continents. Prior to their participation in the lectures, re-readings are requested by faculty enabling these professionals to get the most out of the courses. All the books in paper version weighed up to 8kgs and were shipped to every participant in Europe, Africa, Oceania, South and North America, Middle East, China or India!

The challenge

However, this led to bad experiences, as beyond the obvious costs for the programme, the participants sometimes never received their books in the mail, or they had to pay frequent extra fees at the airport owing to the heavy luggage (knowledge becoming paradoxically a burden). We first tried to deal with each publisher to get an electronic version of the selected books by the faculty. It became a nightmare with different publishers’ policies and different users’ devices and our administrative staff suddenly became tech support. In addition, owing to the diverse nationalities, some participants could not access the content due to some technical restrictions such as no wi-fi or low bandwidth, or platforms deactivated by authorities.

A study platform for our students around the world

When we met Kortext, they completely took into account our constraints and wishes. To us, these pedagogical materials are crucial and 100% part of the programme; ebooks not only ease the learning process but help the participants step back, take notes, share with others and interact with faculty on some issues they might face. The extraordinary ability of Kortext to deal with publishers and design a user-friendly reader has been a key determinant in the decision-making process.

Kortext is with you every step of the way

But the Kortext team is also very reactive and supportive. They know what the stakes are and constraints of international and accredited business schools. To date, we’ve started with the Aerospace MBA programme but we intend to expand it towards other programmes from our institution. With the continuous improvement of the platform, we now better exploit the data by monitoring the learning behaviour of each participant.

Overall, this partnership with Kortext is completely aligned with the digitalisation of our learning experience. We are proud to be one of the first French institutions to work with Kortext!

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