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Student Ambassador Programme 23/24

“My time as a Kortext student ambassador has been incredibly rewarding, both personally and professionally. The role has provided me with numerous opportunities for growth, skill development, and meaningful connections within the academic community.” Rabia – University of Wolverhampton 

This academic year, our ambassador programme encouraged students at 13 UK universities to be the voice and face of Kortext.

Our student ambassadors played a crucial role in spreading the word about Kortext, gaining invaluable skills and experiences along the way.  

The programme 

One of the programme’s aims is to increase awareness and engagement within the Kortext platform. 

Through a variety of activities, from creating social media content to peer-to-peer interactions, our ambassadors worked tirelessly to share the benefits of the platform with other students. 

“The range of challenges I’ve undertaken as an ambassador has been both engaging and enjoyable. From creating videos to setting up pop-up stalls and hosting virtual teams calls, each challenge has contributed to my personal and academic growth.” Garima – University of East London 

Ambassadors benefit from the flexibility of the programme which allows them to complete work alongside their studies.  

“One of the standout features of the Kortext student ambassador programme is its flexibility. This aspect has been particularly beneficial, allowing me to balance my academic workload with ambassador responsibilities. The programme’s structure supports personal growth and development, fostering an environment where student ambassadors can thrive without feeling overwhelmed.” Natalie – University of Exeter 

“It’s been so handy for me as a busy third year to be provided the flexibility that Kortext gives you and be able to balance work with my studies. It’s given me work experience and something that looks great on my CV but it’s also boosted my confidence in entering the working world after I graduate.” Nathan – University of Leeds 

Skills gained 

Our ambassadors gained a variety of valuable skills that helped enhance their CVs and prepare them for their future careers. 

Ambassadors reported that the role helped develop their IT skills, time management, creativity, communication, writing, public speaking, marketing, social media management, content creation, strategic analysis and more. 

“One of the most significant skills I’ve honed as a Kortext student ambassador is communication. Whether it’s presenting to a group of fellow students, engaging with librarians or creating presentations, I’ve learned how to effectively convey ideas and information in a clear and engaging manner. This has not only improved my confidence in public speaking but has also enhanced my ability to collaborate with others and build meaningful relationships.” Laura – University of Essex

“Working with Kortext has been a crash course in creativity and getting the hang of social media from a professional angle. These are skills that are gold dust in pretty much any job market today. Knowing how to grab people’s attention online and being comfortable with all kinds of social media platforms is something I can take with me into any job.Simran – University of Leeds 

“My time as a Kortext ambassador has helped me to develop my confidence in writing, filming and editing for a student audience. I also enjoyed interacting with university staff in a professional manner, and have learned many new skills for online study.Ella – University of Exeter 

Students also had the opportunity to join Kortext at freshers’ fairs and library stands.  

“I really enjoyed helping at the pop-up stand in the library – I had the chance to work with fellow ambassadors and chat with hundreds of students.. I find that most of my life at university involves independent study and along with that comes feelings of isolation. Representing Kortext at the pop-up stand and the freshers fair stall however, pushed me to confidently chat with students and educate them about Kortext.” Fozia – Aston University 

Kortext ambassadors

The ambassador experience 

The ambassador programme was a transformative experience for many students, providing them with opportunities for personal and professional development.  

“Other positive experiences I found throughout my role have included networking with other students outside of my degree subject, and also learning more about my own university too. These are all added bonuses to the student ambassador experience because this would be harder to attain and experience these things without the programme, and therefore it has also allowed me to learn and meet other people throughout the role too.” Emily – University of Manchester

“Overall, the programme has been a really valuable and fun experience as a student thus far, it is something different I have not done before, and it is helping me gain lots of valuable skills and qualities which I will take away from the programme and further enhance in whatever I do next in my journey as a student.” Adiva – University of Glasgow 

“… I would say this programme has helped with my personal and professional skills, significantly on how it brought me out of my comfort zone. I struggle with interacting with individuals and being confident. However, this programme enabled me to do these things but in an enjoyable way, such as during fresher’s events, it felt easy conversing with students and inviting them to know more about Kortext.” Khadijah – University of Westminster 

The ambassador programme has been a remarkable journey of growth and discovery. We are incredibly proud of what our ambassadors have achieved and grateful for their contributions in enhancing the educational experience for all students. 

If you have any questions about the programme, please contact us at ambassadors@kortext.com  

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