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Partnering with global publisher, The Stationery Office

The Stationery Office (TSO) is a renowned global publisher providing content and technology solutions for their customers. Their aim is to help organisations manage their content and enhance learner engagement with technical and digital solutions, including course creation and digital publications.

Since 2018, TSO have used the Kortext Arcturus platform as a perfect solution for end-users to access digital publications both on and offline – ideal for training in secure locations where connectivity is not available or even when their delegates are on the-go, adding value and flexibility to their customers’ experience.

TSO’s digitally protected publications are core elements of the courses that are delivered via their LMS, ‘Catalyst’. TSO embeds the material into the course learning design, merging the ability to protect their customers’ intellectual property whilst also providing delegates with a personalised environment in which to study. The Kortext Arcturus platform integrates seamlessly into their environment, permitting delegates to access their digital publications via SSO. Delegates can leverage Kortext Arcturus and its host of time-saving study features, such as note-taking, referencing and bookmarks.

As digital publications become ever more relevant in delegate accreditations, the Kortext analytics dashboards offer TSO and their customers the ability to monitor learner engagement. Where previously a test might reveal the outcome of the delegate’s engagement and understanding, Kortext’s analytics provide real-time data that shows how individuals are using the material – ideal for courses which require a certain number of hours or percentage of content read to demonstrate re-accreditation. The insight into who their users are, where, when and what pages are most read is also invaluable when deciding how to improve the content in their publications for future editions and how best to market these to audiences.

Being a specialist publisher, TSO have complex and varying needs across their client portfolios and the Kortext Arcturus platform has given them the capability to adapt their offering to suit these.

A spokesperson from TSO commented:

The team at Kortext have been amazing! We have truly built a successful, collaborative relationship…TSO and Kortext have created a valuable offer, bringing best-in-class content together with a fantastic platform reader.

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