Efficient, cost effective onboarding

Introducing Kortext Publisher SmartHub. A SaaS based application that provides unprecedented data insights to inform your sales and commissioning process, whilst delivering cost-effective and sustainable adoption solutions.

  1. Fast digital distribution
  2. Detailed analytics for safest commissioning insights
  3. Efficient digital sampling
  4. Manage your network - Institution onboarding and management
  5. Reduce print and transit costs
  6. Promote environmental sustainability

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    A whole world of benefits

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    Efficient E-provisioning

    Cost-effectively provision desk and inspection copies of eTextbooks to academics and titles to students. Manage access codes and adoptions. 

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    Powerful data

    Track adoptions, analyse consumer habits and help make intelligent decisions.

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    Seamless onboarding

    Provision titles to students and provide inspection copies to academics.

    Inventory management

    Track all of your inventory and receive notifications for expiring titles.

    Library support

    Submit library orders through the Publisher Smart Hub and allow students to access titles on a Library Model on Kortext Arcturus.

    Environmental sustainability

    Minimize the environmental impact of producing and distributing physical books to reduce your carbon footprint.


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    We work with 5000+ universities and 4700+ publishers worldwide to provide you with cutting edge data and analysis capabilities.